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June 19, 2007

Love Your Body Exhibit: Winston-Salem

Submissions are closed for the Love Your Body exhibit---BUT---the art is up.

Find photos of the show here.

Sara Yates, the show's founder, writes, about the exhibit:

The idea began as a way to increase awareness and understanding of eating disorders, but has grown to encompass any body issue (such as abuse, sexuality, body image, aging, illness, disability, etc.). The goal of the show is to facilitate healing by allowing contributing artists to share their stories while encouraging viewers to have a compassionate relationship with their body.

Sara works as a teacher’s assistant at a school for students with special needs and disabilities.  This, combined with her own personal experience of recovery, led to the idea for the exhibit.

In her own words: 

Because of my personal struggle with anorexia and my connection to children whose lives are affected by disabilities, I have become profoundly interested in the sweeping changes that occur when individuals heal their relationship with their bodies. In my own struggle, I found that art spoke when I could not. Telling my story through art was probably the first meaningful step I took towards recovery. I hope the Love Your Body show will allow participants to find compassion for their bodies as they share their own stories (through whichever medium best suits them).

She’s definitely onto something------

The visual art is on display in the South Corridor Gallery at Salem College and the written work--primarily poetry and short prose---is collated in a booklet that viewers can take away from the show.

Sara also has a new website which includes updated information about the show.