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August 02, 2006

Month One: Creating a Healing Place


Writing and Healing Idea #1: Designing a Healing Retreat

Writing and Healing Idea #2: Freewriting

Emily's Healing Place: A Place to Heal from Anorexia

Writing and Healing Idea #3: The Body as a Healing Place

The Shelter of Poetry

Terabithia and Tangalooponda

Writing and Healing Idea #4: The Easiest Writing and Healing Exercise Ever

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

October 01, 2006

Month Three: Finding a Healing Language


Writing and Healing Idea #9: The Mystery of Language

A Apple Pie and Finding What You Didn't Lose

So What Is Healing?

So What Is Healing? (Part 2): Images and Metaphors for Healing

Looking at the Language of Sickness

Questions and Answers

Writing and Healing Idea #10: Conjuring New Images and Metaphors

A Featured Piece: On Velcro and Healing the Writing Process Itself

Healing Circle: A Recommended Book

Writing and Healing Idea #11: A Scavenger Hunt

Is There a Conflict Between Writing to Heal and Producing Good Writing?

Count Crackula: An Example of a Breakthrough in Writing and Healing

Poemcrazy: A Recommended Book

Writing and Healing and Sweets 

November 01, 2006

November Index

(in chronological order)

A Look at the Word Breaking

Writing and Healing Idea #12: An Invitation to Write About Falling Apart

A Word of Caution About Writing and Healing

Writing and Healing Idea #13: Making a List of Lifelines

On Holding that Which is Breaking in the Light

What About the Research on Writing and Falling Apart?

Writing and Healing Idea #14: Considering a Package

When Things Fall Apart: A Recommended Book

About Grief: What Chekhov's Cab-Driver Needs to Say

Broken Vessels: A Recommended Book

Writing and Healing Idea #15: Listing What Remains

On Gratitude and Embracing What Remains

Pensieve: An Image for Writing and Healing

Four Chambers for Tyler David Tandeski: A Featured Piece

On Reading "Four Chambers for Tyler David Tandeski"

March 01, 2007

March Index


(in chronological order)

Quest: An Image for Writing and Healing

The Wounded Storyteller I--The Restitution Narrative

The Wounded Storyteller II--The Chaos Narrative

Chaos: An Image for Writing and Healing

Mary Swander's Fifth Chair: Honoring the Chaos Narrative

The Wounded Storyteller III--The Quest Narrative

Quest: A Word-Map from Visual Thesaurus

Writing Idea #26: Figuring Out Where One is on the Map

Toni Morrison on Beowulf and Grendel

The North Star and a Small Beautiful Boat

Writing Idea#27: What Am I Here For? (I)

Writing Idea #27: What Am I Here For (II)

Writing Idea #28: Consulting with the Wizard of Oz

Swimming to Antarctica: A Recommended Book

The Wreck and the Treasure

Writing Idea #29: A Title for Your Quest

Writing Idea #30: Choosing Chapter Titles